Revive Your Events. Book Somewhere New.

Been there, done that? If your attendees could wear that t-shirt, perhaps it’s time for a change of wardrobe.
When it’s time to choose your next event, consider booking a new venue at a new destination.
Why? I could list plenty of reasons, but here are three: Attendance. New audiences. Profitability.
Booking the same venue year after year is like wearing the same pair of shoes so long folks start to notice. The comfy old venue might “fit like an old shoe,” but your attendees are perhaps getting bored with the familiarity and predictability. Bored attendees stop attending.
A change of venues can also offer price negotiation opportunities and ways to take advantage of the many resources a new venue can offer.
The Union of International Associations recently released their 2013 annual survey about the state of global meetings and events. Polling 830 international associations headquartered around the world, they learned the most popular venue for large association meetings is the conference and convention center; this was chosen by 44 percent of respondents.  The others split their choice evenly between hotels and university settings.
      Very often the size of the group determines the choice. Large events have spatial and other requirements favoring conference halls and exhibition centers. Hotels offer convenient services, including sleeping rooms, on premises. As for universities, they also can offer sleeping rooms – at least when classes are out – as well as a remarkable array of fascinating people and resources. Even the smallest university likely maintains an art gallery, historical exhibition and scientific displays.  Don’t overlook the faculty; some of the most popular speakers or performers I’ve booked have had university affiliations.
Next time around, consider making a change. A new venue, a new destination and new faces can rev up excitement in your program, dispensing with the “been here, done that” blahs.

Do Your Event a Favor. Move it Somewhere Else.

Sometimes where you meet is the most important meetings and events decision you’ll make.

One of my favorite questions to ask new clients is: How is it you chose your destination city as the permanent site for your conference?

The most typical answer: Well, it’s because we always meet in that city.

Traditions are fine. I love traditions. But I have to ask, is this really a tradition? Or, rather, is the planner merely repeating what once worked, year after year?

In other words: Is the planner stuck?

If you’ve gotten stuck, let me help you get unstuck.  My solution is simple: scout for exciting new destinations and facilities.

There are three main reasons to change location.

1. Better fit. Some places are simply better accommodations than others for any given event. The facility’s layout might be more suitable, its infrastructure more advantageous, its staff more amendable. The city, the region, the Country itself might be a better fit.

2. Enhance engagement.  Familiarity breeds… boredom. Year after year at the same location, you stop experiencing the activity and merely go through the motions. Wake up your attendees so next year’s event is not a duplicate of this year’s. Try a new country, a new city, a new venue. Watch people’s faces as they walk in the door. See them look up and around, and shine with anticipation.

3. Produce cost savings. When planners chose the same venue year after year, they stop getting the same value they did when the venue had to win their business.  Scout other destinations and other venues, and give them a chance to win your business. You’ll be surprised at the savings when they have to compete for your business.