Summer’s Nearly Here. Time to Enjoy the Great Outdoors.

The sun shines brightly. The scent of sunscreen wafts through the air. The thermometer reads 90 degrees F (32 degrees C).  Where’s my sunhat?!
I’ve been planning for summer all winter and spring. A hallmark of inspiria events are unique outdoor activities where people can interact more personally and see one another in new, multi-faceted perspective.
Summer opens up many opportunities for exploration, team-building and building interpersonal connections. At a meeting In Spain, we held programs on the grounds of a rented country house in Andalucia, Spain as well as within the celebrated Gaudi-designed Parque Güell.  In Istanbul,  we arranged sailing excursions and al fresco networking receptions at a nightclub on the Bosphorus. We’ve scheduled training sessions outside ancient castles, and arranged interactive programs on the beaches of Croatia.
There are physiological benefits to outdoor programming. Moderate exposure to sunlight boosts our mood and encourages optimism.  Light exercise from moving about outdoors releases endorphins, the hormone that produces a feeling of well-being.  Outdoor environments stimulate fresh thinking as well.
Schedule programs outdoors to take advantage of:

i)                   Venue variety.  Such venues as parks, waterfronts, monuments, arenas, uncovered markets and nature trails are ideal in warm weather.

ii)                 Alternative programming.  Excellent team-building, training and other programming options are possible when thermometers rise. Consider booking a nature walk, regatta, outdoor survival session, or ropes training session.

Iii) Cultural diversity.  Many venues with strong cultural or historic appeal are ideal for warm-weather exploration, including grand plazas, arenas, monuments, castles, architectural landmarks and urban parks.

Planning outdoors? Make sure you:

i)                   Schedule a back-up indoor venue, always

ii)                 Arrange for tenting, portable johns etc where needed

iii)               Complete the permitting process where applicable

iv)               Train staff in how to deal with aggressive local pedestrians

v)                 Handle outdoor-specific insurance needs, including event cancellation

Pack your sunscreen and enjoy yourselves. See you outdoors!

Walter Stugger


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